Wow!  This sweater was started the last of January and finished just a few days ago.  Love the leaf pattern yoke.  It is modified form af a Knitty.com pattern from last fall.  It sure feels good to finish things. A great sense of accomplishment. The color of the alpaca/wool yarn reminds me of copper and autumn leaves.  I guess that that is why I chose it.     
    Last Friday I dyed up some bamboo socks in bright spring colors.  Also did a rayon infinity scarf.  See what you think.  I think it will be fabulous to wear.  The fabric is very light and it moves wildly in the wind.  But it is gusty today in central Kansas, so everything moves in the wind.  The blue is about the same color as the sky.  Lovely. 

Fiber word for the week: what is boucle?  Next post you'll know.

Thinking of Spring


    Spring is here, 70 degrees this afternoon.  Well at least I'm thinking of spring and all the lovely colors of silk scarfs that I can dye; mango, chartreuse, pumpkin, charcoal, faintest sky blue, golden sunset, or rocking amethyst.  On Sat. it may look like winter again.  That is how March is. 
    It seems that I am always looking forward to or thinking back on something.  I must learn how to live in the present.  Planning ahead and not forgetting the past, but really focus on what is today.  The people that I meet, the situations that I'm in, and my responses to and my willingness to help, that is what is really important.  I enjoy today.  Life is an adventure that is best lived walking with God.

Dog sweater done!
    We all sprung forward together on Sat night/Sunday morning.  But I think the recoil might have been to much.  I'm deeply tired.  Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

    As we all wait for spring, I've taken this time to finish some projects:
2 pairs of socks that I can't remember how long they have been on the needles.
1 green rabbit baby blanket looking for a baby to give it to.  It has been on needles a couple of years.
1 copper cardigan sweater for one of my daughters.
1 dog sweater for Lucy.  It was so funny when I grabbed my camera and the dog sweater, she got so excited. She must think that she is a model.  Look at that pose.

    Warmer spring days also makes it easier to dye.  And I can hardly wait to be able to spin on the deck.  It is an absolutely beautiful place to be and loose myself in spinning. We will all try to find ourselves.  Knit well and love greatly.
    It has been quite a week.  Finally got the little car out of the garage.  Snow is melted mostly. 
    Finished the dog sweater.  Fits like a champ and Lucy looks so fine, and warm too.  Spent a bit of time messing with the tweed stitch pattern.  Knitting the back side instead of purling it.  Very pretty.  Looks a bit like a 2 color bamboo to me. I think that I will play like this more often.  Could get interesting results.  And maybe useful.
    Spun some Junk Yard Yarn, 3-ply.  You ask what is Junk Yard Yarn?  To spin it, you make a pile of assorted fibers and colors.  These do not necessarily have any relationship with each other.  Spin one fiber for a bit, then move onto another.  Continue.  The key here is to have variety and continuity.  What I spun was a bulky weight.  A 3-ply is a rounder yarn than a 2-ply.  It also gives Junk Yard Yarn more continuity.  More about this later.
    Picked up a pair of socks that had stopped me at the heel.  They had been laying around a couple, well maybe 3 or 4 years.  Yes, I had lost interest in them.  Well, I'm past the heel now and into the foot.  Do you know about second sock syndrome?  I like to knit socks 2 at the same time.  This is the only way that I can be sure that they are an actual pair & that I finish with a pair.  I think that I will finish them this weekend.

Junk Yard Yarn