Roy G Biv lives


    Dying is great fun and color is a great challenge and pleasure.  ROY G BIV et al.  I've been working diligently on getting ready for the Hutchinson Art Fair on May 9th.  I will have some different things there, emphasis on low immersion scarfs and socks.  Why-o-why did I think that each scarf needed to be ironed?  But the colors are spectacular in the sunlight aren't they.
    I'll also have hand spun yarns.  They will range from single ply to 3 ply, fine to lumpy bumpy art yarn.  I plan on bringing my wheel and spinning when it is slow. Stop by and see me.

I've started knitting on a beautiful sweater. It is a Norah G. design.  It has cables, lace and moss stitch, what more do you need?.  It is knit from side to side starting with the ends of the sleeves.  This is a construction that I haven't done before. I think that I like it.

Lucy says:
Ply is a strand of fiber that has twist.  The strands are then twisted together the opposite direction to make a plied yarn.  Plying makes the yarn stronger, more stable and evens out the the inconsistencies.
What is crimp?  And does it taste good?


Great Weekend!


Fiber Christmas in July outside of Tulsa was a wonderful time.  Saw some old friends and made new ones.  There's lots going on in the fiber/knitting/textile world in that part of the country. I Heard many positive comments about the classes.  And I saw and felt lots of wonderful fibery goodness.  I'm intrigued by sari silk for spinning, which I purchased.  I'll try my hand at it when I get the time,before the end of the week.  A special thanks to all who stopped by my booth and patted the hexi-puffs.  You know who you are.  And I'll plan on seeing you again next year.