Dog sweater done!
    We all sprung forward together on Sat night/Sunday morning.  But I think the recoil might have been to much.  I'm deeply tired.  Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

    As we all wait for spring, I've taken this time to finish some projects:
2 pairs of socks that I can't remember how long they have been on the needles.
1 green rabbit baby blanket looking for a baby to give it to.  It has been on needles a couple of years.
1 copper cardigan sweater for one of my daughters.
1 dog sweater for Lucy.  It was so funny when I grabbed my camera and the dog sweater, she got so excited. She must think that she is a model.  Look at that pose.

    Warmer spring days also makes it easier to dye.  And I can hardly wait to be able to spin on the deck.  It is an absolutely beautiful place to be and loose myself in spinning. We will all try to find ourselves.  Knit well and love greatly.


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