Earth Day + 1


    Yesterday, on Earth Day, it seemed like a good thing to do, so I figured out a how to make a paper bag using a newspaper, glue stick, and cereal box.  Not really to hard to do but time consuming.
    That is how it is with knitting too.  You just need to get good at making 2 different stitches.  And keep going.  Add some new techniques, manipulate the 2 stitches.  And keep going.  It can be as simple or as challenging as you want.  Most of us keep a least 2 kinds of projects going at all times.  One for knitting socially or in the car and one that is best done in private with concentration.  There is room at the table for everyone. 

Fiber Word of the Week
Soy silk - a fiber made from soy beans that imitates the sheen and drape of silk

What is ply?



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