There are some projects that have just hung around too long.  This is one of them.  I started it 5 years ago, as I was driving the Alaskan Highway, a trip of 5 weeks.  I took this and a couple of other knitting projects along to work on in the evenings.  It is a sleeveless shell with a smocked bodice. When I got home, others, both people and projects, vied for my attention.  And I forgot about it.  Then it started to hang over my head.  After all this time,  I was sure that I had lost the directions.  And it just got bigger & bigger as it talked to me, "Finish me, finish, finnnisssssh."  Went looking for the directions and found them!  So, know I'll spend time figuring out where I am in the pattern and start where I left off.  Don't you just love knitting, where else in life do you get to pick up where you left off 5 years ago without penalty.  Pretty grand,  life is good.

Boucle - The word boucle comes from the French boucler, meaning to buckle, curl or bulge.  In hand spinning or yarn production it is a plied yarn that one ply loops, twists or bubbles around the other.  Often it is made out of mohair or a "mohair like" material.

Fiber word for the week: What is tarentine?  Next post, you'll know.



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