It has been quite a week.  Finally got the little car out of the garage.  Snow is melted mostly. 
    Finished the dog sweater.  Fits like a champ and Lucy looks so fine, and warm too.  Spent a bit of time messing with the tweed stitch pattern.  Knitting the back side instead of purling it.  Very pretty.  Looks a bit like a 2 color bamboo to me. I think that I will play like this more often.  Could get interesting results.  And maybe useful.
    Spun some Junk Yard Yarn, 3-ply.  You ask what is Junk Yard Yarn?  To spin it, you make a pile of assorted fibers and colors.  These do not necessarily have any relationship with each other.  Spin one fiber for a bit, then move onto another.  Continue.  The key here is to have variety and continuity.  What I spun was a bulky weight.  A 3-ply is a rounder yarn than a 2-ply.  It also gives Junk Yard Yarn more continuity.  More about this later.
    Picked up a pair of socks that had stopped me at the heel.  They had been laying around a couple, well maybe 3 or 4 years.  Yes, I had lost interest in them.  Well, I'm past the heel now and into the foot.  Do you know about second sock syndrome?  I like to knit socks 2 at the same time.  This is the only way that I can be sure that they are an actual pair & that I finish with a pair.  I think that I will finish them this weekend.

Junk Yard Yarn


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