I am knitter hear me roar!  Finished it, the blue top. Looks great.  Accomplishment is a great thing,  especially when it is a project that has been in the bag for quite a while.  A really good feeling. 

Roaring in April, in Kansas, we had quite an ice storm in the last 36 hours.  Spent yesterday inside.  I did lots of reading and spinning.  Really nice when that happens.  The yard looks like a fairie wonderland this morning. Cool blues and greens with lots of sparkle.  That makes me think of an art batt to card up.  Walking on the grass is an odd sensation as it goes crunch, crunch, crunch.  My little dog is hesitant about walking on it.  There is about 1" of ice on the deck, not going up and down those stairs.  As time has passed the ice is beginning to melt, it sounds like the whole world is cracking up.  Another problem for the little dog and her needs.

Micron - metric unit of measurement, 1,000,000th of a meter.  Used in describing the average size of a particular fiber.  The higher the number, the coarser the fiber; vicuna 10 micron, alpaca 18 micron, and llama 24  micron.

Fiber word of the week: Soy Silk.



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