Welcome to the "Blizzard of OZ".  This is the third day that I have been snowed in.  Such a strange thing in south central Kansas. We have a truck, which is being driven by my husband. But even it is being parked just off the road.  The Mini Cooper is staying in the garage until it is safe for it to come out and play.
    Our new dog, Lucy, likes small amounts of snow.  But when the snow as tall as she is, well that is different.

    I've been having quite a lot of fiber fun.  Spun up some lovely merino combed top with beads.  They honestly look like pearls in an oyster shell.  Finished knitting a baby owl with an egg shell.  Soooo cute.  Trying to decide if I work on a copper cardigan with leaves at the yoke or start a dog sweater.  The dog is kind of winning at this point.  Just look at those eyes.  Maybe I'll get out tomorrow.



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