Still Knitting


    Well it has been 3 weeks and I have been knitting on the blue top and a pair of socks.  I took the blue top to the polls last Tues, got lots of knitting and unknitting done.  The election that I was working was a local only so lots of sit time.  I think the top will take about 3 more hours.  The knitting pattern is commonly called a smocked stitch.  The purl stitches get pulled together & wrapped with yarn, in a uniform and repeating way.  The back looks great too, a bit like grain bundled in to shocks.  Take a look at antique farm scenes.

Tarentine - fiber extruded through the spinerets of a mussel.  Yes that is what you read.  This is from a mussel (sea creature).  It apparently is very fine and not at all gross.  A very ancient fiber and not at all on the modern list of production animals.

Fiber word for the week: Micron



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